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Dear Partner,

As a Malaysian swiftlet nest supplier and the first swiftlet nest beverages and desserts chain store in Malaysia, we aspire to pioneer the Malaysian swiftlet nest industry in the global forefront. Striding through the past and current challenges in the market, we stand for originality and top quality as we believe that only through sincere and hard work can we achieve success. And ultimately, at Cubiloxe Malaysia, we believe that we are successful only when the people around us are benefited from our success.

We welcome you on board to fly with us in this exciting journey to share Malaysian swiftlet nests to the world.


Cubiloxe Malaysia

Cubiloxe Malaysia Positioning

Malaysia’s First Swiftlet Nest Beverages & Desserts Chain Store

Cubiloxe Malaysia is a Malaysian brand that supplies swiftlet nest and offers swiftlet nest beverages and desserts through chain stores in Malaysia, aspiring to pioneer the Malaysian swiftlet nest industry in the global forefront.

We offer a trendy rendition of a delicacy that is traditionally enjoyed for over 600 years, introducing a new way to savour the exquisite taste of swiftlet nest in beverages and desserts that retain the nutritious benefits of swiftlet nest, and yet still taste delicious and are marketable in the current context of the consumer market. Cubiloxe Malaysia products are not only limited to swiftlet nest beverages and desserts; we also offer stewed and instant swiftlet nest.

Our swiftlet nest is lab test certified and the patent for our swiftlet nest toppings have been applied.

The Processing of Swiftlet Nest

Quality swiftlet nests are selected and harvested at the swiftlet house.

The sorted swiftlet nests are processed under high temperature to remove impurities to produce raw, clean swiftlet nest.

Quality check is conducted and the swiftlet nests are sorted again to remove any residual impurities.

The swiftlet nests are delivered for packaging and are then ready to be sold.

Online and Offline Cohesiveness

We uphold trustworthiness – that is why we establish real stores where our products are displayed for the perusal of our customers. We also provide comprehensive after-sale services to ensure that our customers’ enquiries will always be attended to.

We also establish our own website, public account, social media accounts, and membership programme to build the overall branding of Cubiloxe Malaysia across the globe. Ultimately, we aim for Cubiloxe Malaysia to become a publicly recognised brand in the swiftlet nest industry.

Ethical Sourcing & Commercialisation

Staying true to our culture of love, Cubiloxe Malaysia practises only proper commercialisation of the swiftlet nests where the protection of the swiftlet species is of utmost importance. Our swiftlet nests are ethically sourced from specially selected local swiftlet farms that aim to grow the population of swiftlets over time. At these farms, the nests will only be harvested after the baby swiftlets have matured and left the nest, ensuring that the natural life cycle of the swiftlet species is unaffected.


At Cubiloxe Malaysia, we constantly pursue authenticity to provide the finest ingredients and highest grade of swiftlet nests to our customers. Deeming this potential market as a gemstone of Malaysia’s economy, we aim to expand our network worldwide through the exportation of raw and clean swiftlet nests. We aspire to share this valuable local commodity to the world so that more people can enjoy this delicious and nutritious delicacy.

Unlocking the Potential

Today, swiftlet nest is not something rare for the community, but Cubiloxe Malaysia will make it more affordable, trendier, and far more attainable through the offering of unique beverages and desserts.

We strongly believe that this wonderful delicacy is meant to be shared. Currently, this niche market has yet to reach its fullest potential, and Cubiloxe Malaysia is formed in hopes of boosting and elevating this market. We believe that through constant education, the flourishing of the swiftlet nest industry will be able to improve the economic and social lifestyle of our community.

Seizing the Opportunity

Cubiloxe Malaysia is constantly striving to achieve the vision of an ideal alliance that perfects the picture of business and culture. Standing for originality and top-notch quality, we position ourselves as a strategic team that will accompany our partners in striding through various market challenges to live out an impactful story of culture and legacy.


With all that said, we look forward to having you fly with us in this meaningful journey!