Ethical Sourcing & Commercialisation

Staying true to our culture of love, Cubiloxe Malaysia practises only proper commercialisation of the swiftlet nests where the protection of the swiftlet species is of utmost importance. Our swiftlet nests are ethically sourced from specially selected local swiftlet farms that aim to grow the population of swiftlets over time. At these farms, the nests will only be harvested after the baby swiftlets have matured and left the nest, ensuring that the natural life cycle of the swiftlet species is unaffected.

Keeping Things Transparent

At Cubiloxe Malaysia, we are always on the lookout for the hottest beverage and dessert trends in the market to ensure that our menu is constantly updated to fulfill the changing preferences of our consumers. We also practise an open concept – where the preparation of the beverages, from the brewing, to the mixing, and even the packaging, is done right at the counter for the joyful perusal of our customers.

Strict Quality Control

The majority of the swiftlet nest beverages and desserts by Cubiloxe Malaysia is made from quality local ingredients. We also observe strict quality control procedures in our processing and production plant to ensure that only the best quality and safest-to-eat swiftlet nests are produced for consumption.

The Perfect Balance of Taste and Nutrition

At  Cubiloxe Malaysia, we spare no expense in ensuring that our selection of beverages and desserts is of utmost quality in terms of taste and nutrition. Each selection is professionally curated – taking into account the medley of ingredients, the nutrients they contain, as well as the combination of taste and texture – to produce a product that will bring instant satisfaction even to the most discerning consumer.

Cubiloxe Malaysia also offers ready-to-drink beverages and desserts to fit the busy lifestyles of our customers, truly enabling all Malaysians to enjoy the exquisite taste of swiftlet nest whenever and wherever they desire.

Swiftlet Nest: Delicious Delicacy or Gourmet Cruelty?

Many have the perception that harvesting swiftlet nest is an act that destroys the habitat of the swiftlets. However, a careful study of the behaviour of swiftlets reveal that the nest is actually used only to incubate the baby swiftlets, while the adult swiftlets hang on walls to rest. Each nest is also only used once for the baby swiftlets to hatch and learn to fly.

Once the baby swiftlet matures enough to leave the nest, only then will the abandoned nest be harvested for consumption. As swiftlets will build a new nest whenever there is a newborn, the harvesting of abandoned nests virtually poses no threat to the habitat or wellbeing of the swiftlet species.


To further ensure that our commercial practices do not compromise the well-being of the swiftlet species, Cubiloxe Malaysia strictly upholds the principles of swiftlet nest harvesting by:

  • Selecting only the abandoned nests to be harvested
  • Selecting nests that carry no swiftlet’s eggs to be harvested
  • Harvesting the nest only after the young swiftlet has learnt to fly